Comes Love EP - Hetty Kate


For her first small group recording, Hetty Kate is joined by two of her favourite Melbourne musicians, James Sherlock (guitar) and Tamara Murphy (double bass). While they share seven sparkling songs with you, you'll be reminded of a live gig - as these songs are on high rotation in Hetty's song book.


1. Comes Love (Stept, Brown, Tobias 1939)
2. Love For Sale (Porter 1936)
3. Trav'lin' Light (Young, Mundy, Mercer 1942)
4. Robbin's Nest (Jacquet, Thompson 1947)
5. My Little Boat (Menescal 1936)
6. Just You, Just Me (Greer, Klages 1929)
7. No Moon At All (Mann, Evans 1947)

Captured at Pughouse Studios in Thornbury, Victoria, Australia, by masterful engineer Niko Schauble. Hetty, James, Tamara and Niko tumbled around the studio in fits of giggles whilst they were recording this EP in March 2016.. and we hope the fun, warm and lighthearted nature carries through to you when you're listening!

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